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In 2019, with the rapid growth and fast-paced development of mobile applications as a replacement to conventional ways of how we go about in the daily aspects of our lives, ‘Hajzkom’ was founded by two vibrant minds with the aim and commitment to make each days’ activities easier and more convenient, specifically, One-Click Away! ‘Hajzkom’ is an application developed to make booking venues for different purposes (social, athletic, commercial and more) less of a burden, easy, fast and more convenient. It connects the vast majority of users with service providers (venue owners/operators) in a hassle-free process.


Our Vision

To place Hajzkom.com among the leading applications in the venue booking industry and to maintain exponential growth in our database of providers, as well as users. To achieve that, Hajezkom.com provides high quality, fully integrated one-stop-shop solution for different occasions & events which requires suitable venues across the kingdom.

Our Mission

To make the need to book a venue achievable with the least effort and at the comfort and convenience of the customers. It’s our MOTTO to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the experience of booking a venue and to expose providers to a larger base of potential customers.

About the Application

Enormous time, effort and investment have been put for developing the App’s source code, where it has been fine-tuned over the past months to ensure that the source code supports expanding the App’s capabilities and potential and the ability to add any new dimensions and features as we see fit. The source code is highly upgrade-able, customization and can be launched internationally. The App is compatible with IOS and Android Operating Systems and can be launched on both Stores.

The one-stop-shop App is mainly specialized in booking venues, such as kids’ centers, business centers, sports facilities/complexes, farms, family associations (for giving condolences), Jaha, engagement, weddings, etc. Apart from business centers, the App enables users to book hotel meeting rooms, convention centers and wedding halls for venues included in the App’s database.

The App is divided into 2 sections; one is for booking venues, while the other section enables users to register/ subscribe, where, users have the option to register and/or subscribe in a gym, course, dancing classes, martial arts, aerobics, gymnasium, yoga among others.

Users are given the option to book a venue based on the venue’s location (GPS), date available, size and capacity. The App will include photos and a description for each venue Once users log a specific date, the app will only show the available/vacant venues and blocks the unavailable ones. Venue Owners / Operators will also have dedicated access with a username and password to be able to update on the App’s calendar whether the venue is booked or not. The operator will also have the option to block venues on an hourly basis i.e. the operator will have both options, a calendar and hours. The App also enables operators to place advertisements on the App.

The App’s users can make direct financial transactions (electronic payments) and pay directly via the app itself, and of course, it has terms & conditions and cancellation policies. The payment mechanism and cancellation policy shall be agreed upon, in advance, with the venue operator.

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